Viruzyme ECO – Triple enzyme biological cleaner for medical equipment

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Product Description

ViruzymeEco is a new biological cleaner using a blend of three enzymes with synergistic surfactants that is designed for the manual and ultrasonic decontamination of medical, surgical, dental and endoscopic instruments; removes high levels of proteins, fats and other organic material from instruments and equipment.

Triple enzimatic formula that removes all types of protein and organic matter, even dried blood and tissue.

Viruzyme Eco is registered as a Class I Medical Device.

Viruzyme Eco is a neutral formulation that is safe to use on any surface.


  • Highly effective biological cleaner for removal of proteinaceous and organic contaminants from sensitive instrument materials
  • Use a blend of protolytic, amylase and lypase enzymes that have added safety
  • Low toxicity
  • Pleasant odorPleasant odour
  • Excellent material compatibilityExcellent material compatibility
  • Non fixative
  • Non-corrosive, will not damage delicate coatings
  • Compatible with hard water
  • Does not need rinsing
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