Pathfast – Automatic immunoassay analyzer for cardiac and sepsis biomarkers

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Product Description

Precise. Fast. Compact

  • Reduced costs per patient – Up to 6 samples or parameters per run for 1-6 patients simultaneously
  • Efficient diagnosis – Determines individually / simultaneously: hs troponin I, CK–MB, myoglobin, NT-proBNP, D-Dimer, hsCRP, Presepsina and PCT in maximum 15 minutes
  • Extremely fast results (15 minutes)
  • Uses heparinized whole blood or plasma
  • Quantitative results for tests performed individually / simultaneously
  • Extremely precise 
  • The only emergency equipment which fulfils the International Standards ESC for the detection of hs troponin I (reference value for 99%)
  • Reagent cartridge – Ready to use
  • Technologies – MagtrationTM combined with Chemiluminescence
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